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san pham
» WINNER Series
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4” submersed centrifugal electric pumps in AISI 304 with front wear ring impeller.

• Moving clear water in wells • Pressure boosting of clean water for agricultural, domestic or
industrial use • Irrigation • Moving water in general

• Easy to install • Vertical or horizontal installation

• Maximum immersion: - 350 m (with motor in water bath) - 150 m (with motor in bath of liquid refrigerant)
• Maximum temperature of the liquid: - 30°C (with motor in water bath) - 35°C (with motor in bath of liquid refrigerant)
• Maximum presence of sand: 50 ppm • 2 pole motor in bath of liquid refrigerant (OY) or in water bath (WY) • Max start-ups per hour: 30 (OY) - 20 (WY) • Class of insulation F (OY) - B (WY) • Protection rating IP58 (OY) - IP68 (WY) • 230V (+6-10%) 50Hz (OYM), single phase voltage,
three phase 400V (+6-10%) 50Hz (OY) • 230V (± 6%) 50Hz (WYM) single phase voltage, 400V (± 6%) 50Hz
(WY) three phase voltage • G1 1⁄4 discharge connection for 4N1 - 4N2 - 4N4 models • G2 discharge connection for 4N7 - 4N10 - 4N15 models • For cable dimensioning: see page 41

• External casing, shaft, discharge outlet and valve in AISI 304 • Technopolymer impeller and nozzle

• Q Series (see page 42) • 1EPBH (see page 43)

ACCESSORIES (on request)
Presscomfort - Pressure regulator (see page 45) Press•o•Matic - Variable speed control system (single phase 230V±10% power supply - 220V three phase output - maximum motor power 2.2 kW-3HP) (see page 46) 5 litre 10 bar 3⁄4 EPDM vessel Flat cable 4x2.5 for motor 4” OY - from 10 m, 20 m, 30 m or 40 m Cable with junction 4x2.5 for motor 4” OY - 40 m Cable with junction 4x2.5 for motor 4” OY - 60 m Junction for cable GPS-1 (for 4x1.5 and 4x2.5 cables) Casting resin cable junction 92A1 (section 1.5÷10 mm2) PVC 5m key float with counter-weight PVC 10 m key float with counter-weight PVC 20 m key float with counter-weight Capacitor MF 16 450V L=150 Capacitor MF 20,450V L=150 Capacitor MF 25,450V L=150 Capacitor MF 35,450V L=150 Capacitor MF 40,450V L=150 Capacitor MF 50,450V L=150 Capacitor MF 60,450V L=150 Capacitor MF 70,450V L=150 Capacitor MF 80,450V L=150

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